Debian Conference
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Debian Conference
October 25,2001
The Shinjuku NS Bldg
NS Event Hall
Shinjuku Tokyo Japan.

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LinuxWorld Conference & Demo/Tokyo 2001 http://www.idg.co.jp/expo/lw/index.html -- Network, learn and see first hand where Open Source Comes of age! -- is held on October 24th and 25th in Tokyo, Japan. We will have Debian Conference in Japan during this event. This conference is sponsored by OSDN (VA Linux) Japan and its goal is to propagate information about Debian in general to people related to Linux.

Debian Involvement

We, the Debian Developers in Japan, have decided to assemble in a Conference this year, to learn about the Debian and the Free Software, as well as to meet and communicate with each other in real life. If you are interested in and have a chance to visit Japan on that date, we'll all welcome you.

This Conference is made for and by Debian: it is up to the Debianers to define the subjects, the priorities. And it is the role of the organizer to give the opportunities.

Debian Conference
Overview | Venue | Agenda | Registration closed